High Fashion Or Blasphemy: Olympus Teneo “Our Lord & Savior” Clutch

“The crucifix was not for shock value at all, but rather an introduction of the sacred Gothic aesthetic I want to convey. It just happens to be the subject that receives a lot of attention and moves me the most and others as well.

(quote by Jason Salstein (designer) via PurseBlog)

This bag was not going to be my original feature but I just felt I had to share this with you. The Olympus Teneo “Our Lord & Savior” clutch came out a few weeks ago but has garnered much attenion. Aesthetically speaking, the bag is beautiful, there are two versions; one made of python (retails around $8500) and one of crocodile (retails around $3200). But my soul just won’t let me like it. Just now a thought crossed my mind: Is this any different from a iced out Jesus piece or wearing rosary beads for fashions sake? The answer is…I don’t know. Even though this bag was not made for religious purposes..there is a major religious figure on the front. I can’t help but to feel funny carrying a purse like that around. I can’t see myself using the crucifixion for fashion. But, If i had the dough..and i completely ignored my doubts..i would only take this clutch to church….or not. (Click more for other pics)

Go ahead...i'm listening

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