Friday Fashion Fix: Beyonce’ Banana Hammock

Ya’ll I tried, i really tried but this is a mess. I’m usually inspired by everything but this is just ridiculous. Those pepto pink drawls with Beyonce’s name plastered on the back? Uhhhh!!! Anyway, ladies I gave this on to you so peek on inside to see if I fixed this mess.

The Good

There was not much to choose from in this pic. I was slightly inspired by the pepto pink. All of the colors on his body are in this outfit, from the beads to the bag.

I incorporated the color with the color blocked sweater (something he should’ve put on), jeans (he really needed those) and bracelet. Don’t be afraid of more color. Throw an orange bag with it. But you can’t look like a rainbow, throw a neutral in there with the shoes.

I hope i have made you proud. There’s inspiration all around us. So if this isn’t the outfit you had in mind..put together your own outfit and send them to me. Tweet them or email them to me. I would love to see it.

Go ahead...i'm listening

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