Married Men Make The Worst Boyfriends: Antwan Cook Dumps Fantasia

We all knew that this was gonna happen sooner or later. According to radaronline, Fantasia’s second baby daddy, Antwan Cook is now actively persuing his estranged wife…and Paula Cook ain’t running. Get all the juicy details inside.

A family insider claims that Antwan regrets leaving his family, which includes his wife and two kids, and that his wife isn’t exactly running the other way. Insiders say the the two of them were spotted at club RE:Public in Charlotte, NC, sans Fantasia, showing more PDA than we’d care to see. But it seems that Antwan was more into it than Paul was.

“Antwaun was shoving his tongue down her throat and she kept having to push him away without trying to make a scene”

The source also went on to say that Antwan has lost interest in Fantasia and was egging people on to take pictures of he and his wife.

What a damn dog. Wacka Flocka should be holding him in that ad instead of a puppy. (See post below) What’s the male word for groupie?

Go ahead...i'm listening

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