HumpBack Wednesday: Let Me See You Squirrel

I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know a cot damn thing about this song. I don’t really who sings it (somebody named squirrel?), I only know the hook and I don’t know how to squirrel. So why did I make this my Humpback Wednesday song? Because it brings me back to the days in high school when a girl who used to make up songs, made up a dance to this song. People would chant “let me see you squirrel” in the hall in between class and she would do what she thought was the squirrel. I still don’t know what the hell it was.

But anyway, I found a video on youtube of people doing the squirrel…I think. If you know how to do it, please show me. It’s been a mystery for some years now. Enjoy. #humpback-wednesday.

3 thoughts on “HumpBack Wednesday: Let Me See You Squirrel”

  1. The squirrel is originaly started in Tampa Florida in 1991.This young black male(Tony) that I was talking to,told me “they had recorded a song .Called the squrriel & they even had a dance to go with it . “But what u are watching in that Video is not the squrriel .He used to hang out with a bunch older men .They would get drunk and dance . He started dancing like them and that’s how the squirrel was born


  2. Nikki is correct. However, the song was created by an Artist name squirrel and F.L.A. Records (owners and guys singing in the background)
    You can find the dance on YouTube entitled Ray Lewis dance-it’s called the squirrel. Young men are doing the dance.


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