Young Jeezy Talks Betty White and Kanye With Vibe

Young Jeezy is out promoting TM103 and stopped by to talk to the folks at Vibe about his album and a future collaboration with Kanye West. Check inside for more.

VIBE: We were kind of joking around before about “Leave You Alone” being for older women, we saw you taking a picture with Betty White the other day man… [Laughs] what’s up with that man?!

Jeezy: [Laughs] Oh man, Betty cool, man. We were just chopping it up and she was saying she’s a fan of me. Then, we were talking about the Golden Girls and how much of a fan I was of the show when I was growing up. It was her birthday at the time, and she just turned 90. You know, she just cool and she been through a lot, and she still here. A lot of her co-stars are gone but she still going strong. I was trying to see if she is taking anything some kind of herb diet I mean I need to know I want to be around when I am 90, too.

[Laughs] Oh word, you really used to watch that show?

Yeah man, you know I use to live with my aunt and that’s all she would watch Golden Girls and the judge show. She used to watch Golden Girls and People’s Court, so I did, too.

Did you like test her and like ask her which Jeezy record were her favorite?

Nah, she just said ‘I love your music and I’m a big fan.’ I was just like, ‘What?! That’s what’s up!’ Then we spoke about the Golden Girls and how much of a big fan I was.

But on a more serious note, a lot of folks were kind of counting you out before this album dropped, and then you came out and smashed the charts. Are you relieved now?

You got to understand, man, in my eyes the music was already there, and I already knew the music was gonna be okay. It was more so the business and a lot of people don’t understand that. I’m not one to make excuses but it was so many things going on behind-the-scenes with my label.

So you’re gold already, but do you see the album platinum doing a million?

You know its gonna do that, and I keep setting the bar higher for myself even though the climate is different but I’m up for the challenge. I ain’t never been scared, it’s what I do.

What’s up with the “I Do” video?

You know it’s been talks about it. We just been trying to figure it out. It has a lot to do with schedules and a lot to do with the creative sides, so you know we just been back-and-forth. But I know for a fact that I’m gonna be shooting a couple more videos off of this TM103 album.

Are you actively trying to get Kanye on the remix or was that just an idea?

I mean you know Kanye is overseas working so we just back and forth on the emails, so we just trying to figure it out. Kanye, he’s one of them type of dudes that if he say he gonna do something, he gonna do it. So if it comes through, we are most definitely gonna put it out. I mean, it was always understood that he had a gang of stuff going on, and he would try to get it to me as soon as possible. For me, I just thought that it would make [the record] extra phenomenal. And Kanye, my dude. When it comes to me and Yeezy, it’s a mutual respect thing.

What’s going on with the CTE “It’s the World” project?

We working on it, you know we about to hit the road, so we are gonna finish up the last few records while out there. I can’t even describe it’s like… we came together collectively and really made a sound for ourselves. It really sounds like some TM101 shit. We not trying to fit in or go with things. I have no fear and I absolutely, positively feel like it’s gonna be our summer. It’s got classic written all over it. I don’t like to call it out before but, umm, it got classic written all over it.

Alright Jeezy, before we wrap up the streets want that Jeezy x Tip mixtape. Honestly, how close is that to becoming a reality?

We might as well just put [one] out but Tip is working on his album, and I’m already working on my next project as well. I guess in between like working we will probably trade a couple of records. Me and Tip been rocking for a long time, and we here to hold the city down. If we can find the time to get in the studio we will do it. That shouldn’t be a problem.

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