The Definition Of Good ‘n’ TeRRRible: Lil Wayne Is A Lawyer’s Worse Nightmare (Video)

Lil Wayne just doesn’t care. He’s at his own deposition acting a fool in this video. Before you watch the video, let me give you a little background from the video. First, Lil Wayne is suing QD3 (Quincy Jones son) who shot the documentary chronicling a year of Weezy’s life. QD3 claims he had permission to shoot and release the footage, Lil Wayne claims otherwise. Threfore, a lawsuit is the product of the disagreement.

I will say that Pete Ross, QD3’s lawyer, asked some stupid questions so naturally, Tunechi gave some stupid answers. See below:

Pete Ross: (After watching a clip Lil Wayne’s interview with Katie Couric)  Is than an interview you actually gave with Katie Couric?

Lil Wayne:  Pete Ross, that’s a stupid ass question.

Pete Ross:  Isn’t it something that you would remember that your album “Tha Carter 3” was the biggest selling album of 2008?

Lil Wayne:  Yeah it is something…outta your ass.

You know what’s crazy? The judge didn’t reprimand Wayne for giving these types of answers which tells me that the judge was annoyed by Pete Ross as well. Anyway, check the Trukfit hoodie. $58 if you want to look inappropriate for your depostion.

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