Friday Fashion Fix: Manny Boo Boo Gets Reworked

I know i’m a day late…I had some technical difficulties but i’m back. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I made Manny pretty. I reworked his outfit to the best of my ability so I hope you like it. Come on inside and see what i’ve done.

Manny Boo Boo was a challenge. So I had to think about what he did right with his clothing choices…I couldn’t. So I decided to deconstruct his outfit. Instead of using black & yellow I chose off-white, cream, gold and black. Yellow is a very hard color to wear for any skin tone. I decided to create three looks. Casual, party, and work.
Manny did do one thing right though…volume on the top and fitted on the bottom. Love that silhouette. I paired the Sonia Rykiel blouse with the Mother Glitter Jeans to give the outfit texture. I also took my shoe cue from Manny. Who can go wrong with ballet flats?

If you notice, Manny’s shirt has some texture, this is where the brocade halter dress comes in. I reversed the color and the volume from the two-piece outfit. A dark and fitted on top, light and voluminous and textured on the bottom. All of the accessories can be used with both looks. Add a crop jacket to the dress and a blazer to the two-piece for a more polished look.

Now, I couldn’t completely ignore color. Manny was proud of his yellow shirt so why can’t we be proud of ours. I found a yellow Kain tank that can work in the fall season if you pair it with a blazer similar to the Gucci in the pic. Pairing bright colors with deep rich hues will add dimension to your look. Deep reds are on trend so add it to your fall look. This will be perfect for the office.

These outfits are just a model, i’m not telling you to go out and spend $1000 on a blazer. But if you can, click the “Good” link below. If not, go to mall and try to recreate these looks. I know I will. And when you do, thank Manny Boo Boo for the inspiration.

Tweet me or email me your reworked #MannyBooBoo looks.

The Good
The TeRRRible

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