Get Money: The New $100 Bill Released Today


Today is October 8th 2013, a day like any other day except…Benjamin got a facelift ya’ll. There’s some new money being circulated. New $100 bills for everybody.  Now I can be reminded in a new colorful way how broke I am.  But I digress, let’s talk about the real reasons for this post: a) Ben’s new features b) some miscellaneous money items. 

All you counterfiters out there have your jobs cut out for you. The opulent new bill is colorful, tricked-out and draped in gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mily Cyrus made an outfit out of 3 strategically placed bills. Ok, i’m exaggerating, about the draped in gold not Miley.  Let’s list some of the features:

  1. 3-D Security Ribbon- No, you don’t need the glasses to see the effects. 
  2. Bell in the Inkwell- The inkwell is copper-colored with a green bell inside
  3. Quill above the Inkwell- It’s huge, you can’t miss it.
  4. Oval Free- Ben is no longer confined by that ugly presidential oval, he’s free just like Andrew,  Alexander and Abraham.
  5. Gold 100 on the back-I already have a gold piece that looks just like that hundred–#ballin

These are not all the features.  Take a look at for an intervactive look at the new bill…if you care that much. Countdown to a new Migos song about the $100 bill.

Get Money Items

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sidenote: The money shirt and sweatpants can be found at TopShop

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