New Viral Sensation: Starbucks Drake Hands (Videos Inside)

**WARNING:  If you liked Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”, this video will ruin it forever.

I was on board with the Harlem shake videos, I did the gagnam style (no i didn’t) but Starbucks Drake Hands is too much stupidity.  I love the hell out of it.  Let me give you the back story.  A guy walks up to a girl in Starbucks, pressures her into giving him her number, then sends a creepy video with Drake playing in the background.  She sends the video to her friend who in turn makes a parody video and now it has gone viral.  See the original, the friend’s spoof and others inside.

Don’t laugh, he thought it was sexy.

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Just received the @alexorley remix 💯

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I would have done the same thing

Gotham City just got sexier

Wild Man Love

Stevie J in on the action…is that Joseline’s hand?

Poor guy. He was just trying to get some and now look what happened. At least it wasn’t this guy singing to you.


Oh wait.

Go ahead...i'm listening

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