Twerk Pioneers: The Ying Yang Twins Set to Release New Mixtape ‘Twurk or Die’ + Tracklist



Yes D-Roc and Kaine are back and threatening you to shake that azz or perish.  In other words, ‘Twurk or Die’.  Mixtape drops tomorrow Oct. 11th.  Download it.  Twerk. Live.

Tracklist and promo video inside


1. Twurk Or Die ft. Tone Bone – Produced by DJ Paul (Da Mafia 6ix)

2. Break Yo Back ft. Jus Rhythm – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

3. Draws To The Side – Jus Rhythm ft. Ying Yang Twins – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

4. Bad Girls – Produced by Richmusik (Holland)

5. Tear It Up – Produced by Mr. Hanky

6. Mr. ColliPark Speaks – Continental Skit

7. One More Time ft. DJ Blak – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

8. Give U Dat D*** – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

9. Twurk Sumthin ft. Jus Rhythm & Skip – Produced by Big Serg

10. Strippers Gotta Eat Too Skit – Kaine

11. Amateur Night ft. – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

12. Twurk In Ya Skirt ft. Kid Money – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

13. Jigg ft. Level – Produced by Mr. ColliPark

14. Get F***** Up – RMA – Produced by ATLiens

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