A 10 Step Guide To A Bad Weekend (Chris Brown Style)

Jenesse "Back To School Fall Festival" With Special Guest Chris Brown

  1. Be Chris Brown
  2. Pose for a pic with some girls
  3. Get photo-bombed by two jack asses
  4. Punch one of the jack asses in the face or have your bodyguard do it (depending on which story is true)
  5. Break the jack ass’ nose
  6. Go to jail for 24 hrs. and possibly face up to 4yrs in prison for probation violation
  7. Call your very expensive lawyers.
  8. Go to Washington D.C. magistrate
  9. Get charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor assault.
  10. Walk out of courtroom into mayhem.



There are so many conflicting stories, you really don’t know what is true.  All I know is Chris Brown need to go to Bible Study…asap.

TMZ tells the whole story here.

Go ahead...i'm listening

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