Who Does This: R.Kelly Impersonator Shows Up At Concert


Imagine this.  It’s Friday in Monroe, Louisiana, you bought your R.Kelly concert tickets Wednesday and you’re ready to turn up.  You get to the venue. Get you some Henn, you’re just the right amount of faded.

The MC announces R.Kelly is about to hit the stage. You just know Kellz is gon’ start the show off with “ignition remix. ”  Only, it’s not R… its Diondre that was in all the remedial classes from high school.  He got his slow readin’ azz on stage, pretending to be R.Kelly, lip synching to 12-Play. Who does this? (Video Inside)


The real story goes like this. A promoter named Ced threw a party and claimed R.Kelly was going to be there. Instead of R.Kelly an impostor hops up on stage and starts lip synching to a song. Now the concert goers are outraged. They were scammed by this guy and he’s not returning the money they paid for the tickets.

I hope he doesn’t actually live in Monroe because he might be on the news for a different reason the next time.


This reminds me of that episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” when Dee, Mac and Dennis tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles and were promised to meet Donovan McNabb but Elvin from the Cosby Show showed up instead.

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