#BMM: Southern Playas “Dickey Ride”


“Do ya’ll wanna ride?!!!”


Song #6!!!! I grew up in Georgia…Augusta, Georgia. This was one of the most loved booty music songs in my city. Everybody ran to the dance floor when this song came on.  You can’t tell me your ass wasn’t on the floor when he said “ride that thang down to the ground”. Best believe i’m gonna go dance my ass off after I finish typing this.

Goddamn Southern Playas!!!!

Who Wanna See Tyga’s Eggplant?


You won’t find it here but I will provide a link too it.  Blogger B.Scott has it though and a series of uncomfortably sexual texts.  It was sent from the transgender porn star Tyga is allegedly cheating on his underage girlfriend with. I wish I was making this up be even Tyler Perry couldn’t write something with so many plot twists. Twitter is having fun with it though. Check the tweets on the inside parts.

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Miguel Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean


“I wouldn’t say we were friends. To be completely honest — and no disrespect to anyone — I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around,” … “It’s interesting, but we’ll see who’s in it for the long haul. It’s like a marathon, you know?”

Miguel stirred things up a bit with this statement he gave the Sunday Times about the man that beat him out for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2013.

Some people agreed with this sentiment and some didn’t. Personally i’m on Team Miguel myself. I listened to Kaleidoscope Dream for a straight year.

Miguel addressed this small controversy with a tweet.

Check it on the inside.

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Russell Wilson Is Keeping It In His Pants

Can I just start off by saying, good for him. Not too many famous, young, successful and rich men would stick to their convictions and honor Christ by practicing abstinence…especially with Ciara. He just won my respect. I might just drop the Panthers and become a Seahawks fan. No I won’t, but I like Russell.

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