Covered UP: 50 Cent & Jake Gyllenhaal Cover Vibe & Talk “SouthPaw”



Can’t wait to see this movie. It hits theaters July 24th.

Check the inside parts for an excerpt of the Vibe interview.

Forest Whitaker character is poised. I think a lot of people will resonate with what he’s able to teach Billy.

Jake: When Forest’s character teaches Billy new techniques in the movie, he starts to tell him how to move his feet, use his feet, and slide. There’s a line where Billy says to him, ‘My wife would’ve liked you.’


50: At that point, it’s dawning on him. He’s telling me to slide my feet so I don’t get hit as much. It’s simplifying things. My grandfather, I made this reference earlier, he simplified his life. He said: ‘I’ma go to work and come home.’ They had so many kids. They’re from Aiken, South Carolina, had nine kids, and then he gave my grandmother the money. He just gave her a check. She took care of the bills. She took care of everything that was necessary for the kids and then come Monday, she’d give him money so he could go back and forth to work — and do what he needed to do. So it’s just simplifying things. It’s the same way Jake’s character is saying, ‘Let Maureen do it. That way I don’t mess it up.’ And then Maureen’s already training [Billy’s daughter], saying, ‘You know we have to look after your daddy,’ from the beginning.


Read the rest of the article here.

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