Russell Wilson Is Keeping It In His Pants

Can I just start off by saying, good for him. Not too many famous, young, successful and rich men would stick to their convictions and honor Christ by practicing abstinence…especially with Ciara. He just won my respect. I might just drop the Panthers and become a Seahawks fan. No I won’t, but I like Russell.

More inside.

“God said I need you to lead her”

Russell Wilson is using his fame to uplift and bless those that look up to him. As he states, he’s not perfect, but the fact that he is so outspoken about his faith may inspire teens and even adults to practice abstinence as well.

As you can tell, he’s completely smitten with Ciara. He had nothing but beautiful things to say about her. This is a couple to watch.

As crazy as the world is now, we need this breath of fresh air.

Much respect Russell!!!

Go ahead...i'm listening

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