The Letter P is Waging War on Subway


Today, Subway hates the letter P. Peas and pedos is the theme that will cause Subway some problems for quite some time. They’re PR team will get some serious overtime today.

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The first and most important issue that Subway is facing is that their spokesperson Jared Fogle is allegedly a pervert. His Indianapolis home was searched by federal agents this morning regarding child pornography. Agents removed electronics such as his computer, from his house as evidence.

The former executive director of Jared’s non-profit, The Jared Foundation, organization was arrested in April in connection with child pornography as well.

The next issue which is not really important but is making headlines, is that Subway puts peas in their guacamole.


This pic was tweeted by Cable Sasser, a founder of a software company, Panic. It turns out it was a hoax but people ran with it anyway.

Peas are nothing compared to what they used to put in the bread.

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