Who Wanna See Tyga’s Eggplant?


You won’t find it here but I will provide a link too it.  Blogger B.Scott has it though and a series of uncomfortably sexual texts.  It was sent from the transgender porn star Tyga is allegedly cheating on his underage girlfriend with. I wish I was making this up be even Tyler Perry couldn’t write something with so many plot twists. Twitter is having fun with it though. Check the tweets on the inside parts.

Tyga's response

Tyga’s wack ass response to everything.



I agree..dis is tew much.


This maybe the truest statement ever.


She ain’t checkin’ for Tyga.


The emotion in that little boy’s face describes everything that Tyga is feeling.


Confusion in all languages.


Family dinners won’t ever be the same.


Tyga ain’t go no friends.


Legal and dick free.


Amber has no chill.

Go ahead...i'm listening

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