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#BMM: Southern Playas “Dickey Ride”


“Do ya’ll wanna ride?!!!”


Song #6!!!! I grew up in Georgia…Augusta, Georgia. This was one of the most loved booty music songs in my city. Everybody ran to the dance floor when this song came on.  You can’t tell me your ass wasn’t on the floor when he said “ride that thang down to the ground”. Best believe i’m gonna go dance my ass off after I finish typing this.

Goddamn Southern Playas!!!!

#BMM: Splack Pack “Scrub Da Ground” & “Shake Dat A** B****”


scrub da ground

Up & Down, Up & Down, Up & Down

Because of songs #4 and #5 I had the strongest thighs in the world back in the day from poppin’ and scrubbin’ the ground. Even today, when I hear these songs I have to go somewhere and twerk. How can you just sit there when your hear “round and round you go”? You can’t.

Thanks Splack Pack!!!

#BMM: Playa Poncho ft L.A. Sno “Whatz Up Whatz Up”


“Hey L.A. Sno!!!”


Song #3 of Booty Music Month is one of my favorites.  I just want to go to a cookout every time I hear it.  It wasn’t a 90’s summer if this song wasn’t played.  You can’t tell me your favorite part wasn’t “Ooo lawd just break it on down now”.   Check the video inside.

Loving this Booty Music Month!!!!

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#BMM: Sound Master T “2 Much Booty in the Pants”


Fellas let me hear you say yeah! If you like a big booty say yeah!

It’s Booty Music Month and Song #2 is a claaaassssicccc!!!! If you don’t get up and dance when this song comes on then you have no soul. Sound Master T knows he made a song when he made this. So get your azz up and dance cuz you got too much…you know the rest.

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